U.K.-based Conex Bänninger, a global provider of fittings, valves and accessories, plans to expand the diameter of its >B< MaxiPro flame-free press fittings from 1-⅜in (3.5cm) to 1-⅝in (4.1cm) and 2-⅛in (5.4cm) by the end of 2023.

That news was shared by Andreas Hinkler, Group Business Development Manager ACR, for Conex Bänninger, a division of IBP, at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, held February 6–8.

The larger sizes are in the “approval process” and are “nearly ready,” he said, adding that they would be suitable for “bigger VRF systems,” for example.

Operating up to 48bar (700psi), >B< MaxiPro is a press fitting for use with hard, half hard or annealed copper tubes conforming to EN 12735-1, EN 12735-2 or ASTM-B280. The press fittings are especially suited for use with flammable refrigerants like propane (R290) and isobutane (R600a) and for environments where brazing requires special permission, noted Hinkler.

With its 3-point press,  the >B< MaxiPro fitting “is revolutionizing pipe jointing in air conditioning and refrigeration applications,” said Tom Mason, Marketing Manager UK and Ireland. “Quick and easy to use, it provides a secure and permanent joint and, compared with traditional techniques, improves productivity through greatly reduced installation time.”

Vending machines and other equipment using flammable refrigerants would gain from the “quick, flame-free installation technique used with our >B< MaxiPro fittings,” added Mason.

Founded in 1909, Conex Bänninger serves the residential, commercial and industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration markets.

Conex Bänninger also announced at AHR Expo that it plans to increase the diameter of its K65 copper alloy fittings from 2-⅛ to 2-⅝in (5.4 to 6.7cm) by the end of 2023.

The company plans to attend the next ATMOsphere conference in Tokyo, tentatively scheduled for February 2024. The conference is organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of Hydrocarbons21.com.