At Chillventa 2018 (16-18 October), Chinese-Spanish manufacturer Huayi Compressor Barcelona will launch new propane (R290) variable speed compressors with cooling capacities from 196 W to 730 W during the world’s largest HVAC&R show in Nuremberg, Germany.

The company is also set to extend its U range, which was first launched at Chillventa in 2014, with a new generation called the NUS, which uses R290 for LMBP (Low-Medium Back Pressure) applications (freezers and coolers). It has a COP of 1.90 W/W and is more compact than earlier models, according to Huayi.

“On top of this, we will show other innovations like the displacement extension of our S range up to 38 cc, with use of R290 covering high cooling capacities,” the company said in a press release before the show.

The extended S range also offers noise reduction of 5 dB(A) compared to previous models.

The manufacturer will also show off its new R290 condensing units with cooling capacities from 200 to 5,600 W. “This time we will also present our solutions for customized condensing units as well as complete systems in order to offer to customers a complete solution for their needs,” Huayi explains.

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