Italian HVAC&R manufacturer Carel has expanded its range of Heos control systems to include air-cooled plug-in solutions, adding to the already-offered semi plug-in solutions for water-loop systems. It has also unveiled a semi plug-in condensing unit.

The Heos range encompasses controllers for self-contained refrigeration units, and is available for CO2, R290 and low-GWP HFCs and HFOs. The new units were presented at the EuroShop tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany, in February.

One of the new units is the “Heos one” for propane applications in medium- to low-capacity commercial display units. The Heos one aims to bring the “high efficiency and reliability inherent in Heos to small-store formats,” Carel said.

Another new system previewed at EuroShop is the Heos box, a semi plug-in condensing unit. The Heos box has dedicated algorithms and enhanced data monitoring, and enables operators to see energy efficiency and control stability KPIs on an intuitive dashboard.

The dashboard can highlight “easily applicable ways to reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve food preservation,” Carel said. The Heos box also uses predictive maintenance logic to enable increased system performance and optimization.

The upsides to the whole Heos range, according to Carel, are energy efficiency and stable temperature control, fast installation, design flexibility, and reduced refrigerant charge and leaks.

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