In a move to simplify interaction with HVAC&R units and make it part of the “Internet of Things,” Italian component maker CAREL has introduced a new mobile service app, APPLICA, which allows end users to employ their smartphone as a management tool.

APPLICA can be used to manage MPXone, the new CAREL controller for retail refrigeration units; μCHILLER, for control of chillers and heat pumps, and Heez, the control solution for refrigerated merchandisers. 

When APPLICA connects to a controller, “it recognizes the type of unit and downloads the applications it needs from the cloud,” said CAREL. “The user interface is therefore not fixed, but rather varies according to the specific unit, and is updated directly at the time of use.”

APPLICA was developed as part of CAREL’s broader unit digitization project, with the aim of facilitating both installation and maintenance, the company said. It allows users to interact with units via “a simple and intuitive graphic interface, replacing the typical search for unit parameters from a list of codes.”

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