Italian component manufacturer Carel has introduced the RED digital services portal, designed for supermarket chains, which can acquire data from any refrigeration unit, regardless of manufacturer, data format or protocol used, and present it in a “usable and easily comparable way.”

The introduction took place last month at EuroShop, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

When using RED, a customer is able to compare system issues with the behavior of similar installed units, and identify potential malfunctions due to the same cause, making it easier to decide on preventative maintenance action before the problem spreads.

RED can also identify operations that do not comply with predefined standards, and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption. These standards can be set by taking advantage of the experience of hundreds of systems, Carel said.

“Recognition of critical patterns and identification of improvement actions are tasks for a small number of experts when starting from raw data,” said Serena Ometto, IoT Marketing Manager. By contrast, “exploiting decades of experience in real field applications, thermodynamic expertise acquired in laboratory analysis, and modern data mining and artificial intelligence technologies, RED provides practical and easily understandable information,” she added.

“[Carel’s] control systems … are designed to support the HVAC&R industry with solutions that increasingly enable reductions in energy consumption, environmental impact and operating costs for our customers and end users,” said Alessandro Greggio, Carel Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Refrigeration.

“RED provides practical and easily understandable information” –

Serena Ometto, CAREL

Another new offering from Carel is its line of iJ controllers, intended for the foodservice OEM market. The iJ controllers have a modular architecture, allowing for a high level of customization, and can meet a number of market demands.

“The iJ platform was designed to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the food service and merchandisers market: IoT cloud services combined with a captivating display, typical of Made in Italy design, with intuitive usability and a high degree of customization,” said Matteo Bullo, Group Sales Manager – Food Service.

Carel displayed two versions of the iJ series at EuroShop, the iJF designed for food storage and display applications, and the iJM for merchandiser applications like beverage coolers and ice cream freezers.

Both versions offer several connectivity options like Bluetooth, or always-on connections like 2G and Wi-Fi. This easy connection enables engineers and end users to adjust operations in the field using a smartphone app. 

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