A recently refurbished BulMag supermarket in Varna, Bulgaria, has become the first in its chain to operate a glycol-based hydroloop system connected to R290 refrigerated display cases – all provided by Lithuanian commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Freor. 

“Our client was interested in green refrigeration technologies and wanted to make a test store to see how this solution works for them,” explained Eugenijus Tutkus, Freor Key Account Manager. “They had chosen such technology due to its energy-efficiency and good propane cooling features.”

Freor’s coordination with store representatives started in May and by the beginning of August, all refrigeration equipment had been delivered to the store. Two weeks later, the installation for the 1,500m² (16,146ft2) area supermarket was done. 

The total amount of refrigeration points on site is 21, comprising a mix of Freor’s Green Wave R290 line of refrigeration cabinets connecting to its hydroloop system. Two of the units are operating in stand-alone mode. “The end-user was happy with the final result,” said Tutkus. “We haven’t got any complaints yet.”

The hydroloop system is a cost-effective solution for supermarkets that allows connecting the plug-in refrigeration equipment to the liquid-cooled system, said Freor. It removes excess condensation heat through closed-cycle liquid pipes to the exterior of a building. There are an estimated 2,000 stores globally using R290 hydroloop technology. 

“Today, as energy consumption and leakage of traditional fluorinated gases are increasing areas of concern, Freor seeks to improve its engineering towards a better future for nature,” said Tutkus. “Therefore, we provide retailers with sustainable refrigeration solutions, oriented towards conscious business development.”

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