Signalling increased potential for hydrocarbon-based technology in Japan, Blupura — a leading Italian manufacturer of hydrocarbon-based high-end water coolers — said that it sees strong potential for its products in the country.

“We feel the Japanese market is definitely ready for our type of products,” said Luca Constantini, founder and managing director of Blupura.

This website spoke with Blupura while it was exhibiting its products at the N-Expo 2019 environmental business exhibition, held in Tokyo on 12-15 March.

Constantini said that though he acknowledges Japan is still a nascent market for its hydrocarbon products, he believes this will change very soon.

“We feel that Japan is going to be a very good market for this industry, so we are going to invest more to be present here and to educate the market about our systems and technologies,” he said.

The company was exhibiting its small format ‘Piccola’ water cooler, which uses isobutane, alongside its best-selling ‘BluSoda’ water cooler, which uses propane.

BluPura has exhibited its products in Japan in the past. However, this time, the company participated in the ‘EU Gateway to Japan’ initiative – an EU-funded programme that supports European companies in exploring business opportunities in Japan.

Constantini said that Blupura had already made progress. It is currently “in talks with some players [in Japan] regarding possible partnerships in the next 12-18 months”.

One of these companies, Constantini revealed, is Aqua Clara — the biggest player in Japan’s water cooler industry — which is “very interested” in Blupura’s products.

Since the company’s founding in 2008, Blupura has pioneered the use of hydrocarbons in water coolers in both Europe and the United States.

Globally, Constantini said that the company was currently growing at a rate of 50% year-on-year.

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