Ian’s Rainbow IGA Store, an independent supermarket in Rainbow, Victoria, Australia, recently installed propane (R290) plug-in freezers to quickly replace an old remote refrigeration system, which suddenly broke down.

The town of Rainbow is about a five-hour drive northwest of Melbourne, in a fairly remote area. “The freezers went out the day before I went to the hospital, so we went probably a week and a half to two weeks, at least, without frozen storage,” the store owner said according to Coolphase, which supplied the R290 equipment. “People went without frozen goods; some went out of town, just to get their frozen goods, small businesses can’t afford this.”

Coolphase supplied its line of CLIO 2.0 R290 freezer display cases to Ian’s Rainbow IGA Store.

Scott McCurdy, the Victorian-Area Manager for Ian’s Rainbow IGA Store, requested display cases that were “quick to install, had big capacity, were energy efficient to help with the financial blow, and were environmentally friendly to complement the beautiful town of Rainbow,” according to Coolphase.

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