More propane (R290) equipment is being offered in Japan’s commercial refrigeration sector than ever before, according to Jan Dusek, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Asia Pacific for ATMOsphere (formerly shecco).

“This is the largest ever presence of R290 solutions in Japan [that we have seen] in the last ten years,” Dusek said during a presentation titled “Japan Natural Refrigerant Market Trends and Developments” at the ATMO World Summit 2022.

This is the largest ever presence of R290 solutions in Japan [that we have seen] in the last ten years.

Jan Dusek, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Asia Pacific, ATMOsphere

The ATMO World Summit 2022, organized by ATMOsphere (publisher of was held online with participants from around the world on March 30 and 31.

Dusek spoke about R290 equipment exhibited by Japanese companies at the Supermarket Trade Show 2022 exhibition, held from February 16-18 in Chiba, Japan.

“We counted 10 companies exhibiting, promoting, offering R290 to the Japanese retailers,” Dusek said. “This was never the case in the past. It is really a milestone for the Japanese industry.”.

Dusek discussed the main companies exhibiting R290 solutions at the show, which included major suppliers such as Panasonic, Daikin, Nihon Netsugen Systems, Rei-Tech, Sanden and Fukushima Galilei.

Dusek noted that Daikin made the largest-ever showing of R290 cabinets at the Supermarket Trade Show 2022.

“Daikin deserves a lot of credit with helping to change the awareness of R290 solutions for food retail [in Japan],” said Dusek.

R290 solutions have been offered in Europe for more than a decade, as well as in China and Southeast Asia. “However, in Japan, this has not been the case until recently,” Dusek said. “Daikin announcing its new lineup of Daikin-branded R290 showcases for retail, ranging from plug-in systems to water-loop systems, is a game changer for Japan, and we see the influence across the board.”

In addition to Daikin, Dusek highlighted Panasonic’s Iarp R290 plug-in showcases, Nihon Netsugen Systems’ Freor R290 water loop and plug-in showcases, Rei-Tech’s Liebherr R290 plug-in and water loop showcases, and Sanden and Fukushima Galilei’s plug-in R600a and R290 bottle coolers and display cases.

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