ATMO China case studies signal market interest in HCs

By Eda Isaksson, Feb 13, 2018, 08:25 1 minute reading

The ATMOsphere Review Board has chosen the first round of technology case studies from international and domestic manufacturers promising to transition to natural refrigerants in the Chinese market.

In response to increased market interest in natural refrigerants, ATMOsphere China, the first Chinese edition of shecco’s global conference series ATMOsphere, will be held in the capital Beijing on 11-12 April 2018.

ATMOsphere China will delve into the state of the Chinese HVAC&R market, which is currently in a transitional stage after the global agreement reached to phase down HFCs under the Montreal Protocol. Conference presentations will showcase the value of leapfrogging from HCFCs to natural refrigerants in response to the global phasedown.

The ATMOsphere Review Panel has chosen the first round of technology case studies to be presented at the conference: from CAREL, DongQi, Emerson, Sanhua and Scantec. 

The case studies cover natural refrigerants CO2, ammonia and propane used in a range of applications such as heat pumps, warehouses, supermarket retrofits, and a newly opened METRO Wholesale store boasting China’s first transcritical system.

The presentation selected with R290 is:

Sanhua | R290 heat pump systems – moving from coal to electricity by Huang Lin-jie

The presentation will showcase that R290 is the optimal solution to replace R22 faced with the global phasedown of HFCs. The company will explain that the use of R290 and microchannel heat exchangers for heat pump systems will result in higher efficiency, over 50% less in weight, and over 50% less in refrigerant charge, while also examining the advantages and disadvantages of R290 heat pump systems. SANHUA will discuss the 'Coal to Electricity' campaign in China and will discuss the environmental benefits it would bring based on their projections, with an estimated installed stock of 2.57 million units by 2020 in northern China. The case study will include measured specific energy performances over an extended period.

Click here to see the ATMOsphere China event page.

By Eda Isaksson

Feb 13, 2018, 08:25

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