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End users discussed natural refrigerants extensively at ATMOsphere Europe 2017, held at the Mercure Hotel MOA in Berlin, Germany from 25-27 September.

ATMOsphere Europe 2017, that took place at the Mercure Hotel MOA in Berlin, Germany from 25-27 September, was well attended with 428 attendees and 50 end users. 

Key stakeholders from Europe’s largest businesses – including pharmacy chains and supermarkets – gathered with international suppliers, governments and manufacturers to discuss the natural refrigerant technology market in Europe. 

Watch our video coverage here!

Boots outlines its strategy for moving to NatRefs

Adeleke Ige, technical engineering manager for HVAC and refrigeration at Walgreens Boots Alliance, explains where Boots is on its journey towards natural refrigerants. The company is currently testing propane plug ‘n’ play cabinets and CO2 transcritical solutions, and will decide shortly which one to go for in the long term.

Collin Bootsveld, Colruyt Group at ATMO Europe 

Collin Bootsveld of the Colruyt Group outlines how the leading Belgian retailer is moving towards 100% hydrocarbons in its stores.

The Gambia is moving towards NatRefs

Bafoday Sanyang of the Gambian National Environment Agency explains how the country is currently using natural refrigerants in refrigeration and air-conditioning. Sanyang also tells all about his country's natural refrigerant training programme in this exclusive interview.

Viessmann: Accelerate Europe 'Innovation of the Year' award winner

Jaana Tiura, marketing director with Viessmann Refrigeration Systems, gives her reaction to winning the Accelerate Europe 'Innovation of the Year' award at ATMO Europe. Tiura also explains how her company’s innovation, the Click4Food system, a refrigerated locker for picking up food outside of the supermarket, can be used by tech-savvy consumers.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Oct 10, 2017, 16:45

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