UPDATE: China Refrigeration 2015: increasing variety of R290 and R600a products for range of applications 

By Caixia Mao, May 12, 2015, 12:00 3 minute reading

China Refrigeration, organised 8 – 10 April 2015 in Shanghai brought together more than 1,000 exhibitors and was attended by over 60,000 visitors. This year, there was a greater variety of R290 and R600a product applications on show. Reporters from hydrocarbons21.com, who were at the event, saw a growing interest in hydrocarbons, in particular in the Chinese light commercial refrigeration sector, a trend driven in part by the high energy efficiency of R290 and R600a products.

At China Refrigeration 2015, a series of compressors using R600a and R290 for light commercial use were showcased by leading manufacturers such as Embraco, Huayi, Tecumseh and Secop. In addition, R290 solutions for RAC (room air conditioning) and in industrial refrigeration could be found at the show.   
Light-commercial refrigeration product range 
Embraco demonstrated a newly launched ice cream freezer using R600a, a joint project with leading local cabinet manufacturer Hiron. The model features inverter technology and adopts the compact EM series VEMT9C compressor. Embraco reached an agreement with Hiron in 2014 to promote hydrocarbons in light commercial cabinets in the Chinese market. Embraco also showcased their latest VEGT8U model, using R600a, which was selected as an “Innovation Product” from China Refrigeration 2015. 
Secop has on show several compressor models using R600a and R290. It introduced its KXV95KX using R600a, also chosen as a China Refrigeration 2015  “Innovation Product”, as well as its XV8.0KX, using R600a. For R290, Secop was showcasing the DLE7.5CN and NLE10CN line-up. 

From Huayi, compressors using R290 such as the NPT12FSC, NPT16LA and NLT60FSN could be seen at their booth. For refrigerant R600a Huayi manufacturers the highly efficient HYE55MDU and HYE55MTU compressors, the HYS69MXU compressor from the HYS series, and the HYB60MHU compressor from the HYB series. 
The company Tecumseh was also proud to introduce its latest innovations, which include the AK2 series and AE2 series, optimised for R290. 
R290 in RAC and other applications 
Haier demonstrated the first of their R290 RACs. The model has already received the “Low-GWP Label” jointly authorised by UNIDO, UNEP, FECO (Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection), CHEAA (China Household Electrical Appliances Association) and GIZ in 2015. Low-GWP Label was launched in March 2015, targeting products with GWP (global warming potential) lower than 150 and are highly energy efficient. These include RAC and heat pump water heaters for residential application. The label is designed to accelerate the uptake of natural refrigerant based solutions in the Chinese market.  
Another local manufacturer Chunlan showcased a RAC unit using propane as the refrigerant. Propane has an ODP (ozone depletion potential) of zero and a GWP of three. The unit has a high-density filter made of high-density organic fibres that can remove up to 78.6% of dust. It also features high quality internal thread copper tubing and a blue multi-stage evaporator to enhance heat exchange efficiency. The product is available in China and also abroad, in countries like Australia. 
With regard to R290 compressors in RAC uses, Highly and Mitsubishi Electric demonstrated their R290 rotary and scroll compressors. Highly showed their R290 compressors with a capacity range from 800W – 7300W, applicable to RACs and dehumidifiers. Mistsubishi Electric showed their APB42F-MT inverter scroll compressor. 
Local company Snowman introduced a semi-hermetic screw compressor, the SRC-S-353LOS, which uses R290, has a cooling capacity of 323.4kW. Designed for medium and high evaporative temperature refrigeration applications it has an evaporating temperature of 2°C and a condensing temperature of 40°C. The unit uses a special explosion-proof design to ensure safety.  

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By Caixia Mao

May 12, 2015, 12:00

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