North American survey on the market potential of HCs: Have your say today!

By Aurelie Messina, Apr 26, 2012, 14:22 1 minute reading

During a dedicated presentation at the first workshop on natural working fluids in the US on 12-13 June, first results from a survey will be presented about the market potential of hydrocarbons in selected industry sectors. If you have not done so yet, please raise your voice about HVAC&R market trends, barriers and opportunities.

The survey launched in March 2012 has so far received more than 200 replies on the market potential of hydrocarbon refrigerants in domestic refrigeration, light-commercial applications, heating and air-conditioning. As it aims to present a reliable picture of the North American HVAC&R industry – both involved with natural refrigerants and relying on HFC solutions - it still requires more input from system manufacturers, component suppliers, contractors, research institutes and end-users to be truly representative.

Free GUIDE America coming this autumn

The online questionnaire, accessible from, gathers the industry’s perspective of the Canadian, Mexican and US-American HVAC&R sectors. It follows the successful publication on the European market this February.

Results will be published in the free "GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential", in autumn 2012. Part of shecco’s series of easy-to access GUIDES on CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water and air, the North America Guide will combine both background information and in-depth evaluation of the market prospective for natural working fluids.

Win a free seat at ATMOsphere America

Take the survey and win a free seat at the ATMOsphere workshop, organized on 12-13 June! Filling in the survey will take 15 minutes, and in addition to being entered in the prize draw respondents will receive a free business directory entry in the “GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential”.

To take the survey, please follow this direct link:
If you have any questions or comments, please contact shecco’s market research team at:


By Aurelie Messina

Apr 26, 2012, 14:22

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