Mostra Convegno Expocomfort: renewed interest in hydrocarbon products

By Alexandra Maratou, Mar 30, 2012, 00:00 3 minute reading

Organised every two years, the seminal Mostra Convengno Expocomfort trade fair takes place this week from 27 to 30 March in Milan, Italy. Showcasing the latest water treatment, renewable energy, heating and cooling products, this year’s event has seen exhibitors keen to display their latest R290 and R600a products to gauge interest in hydrocarbon technology. reports live from the event. + PHOTOS

With environmental sustainability and Zero Energy Buildings being key priorities at this year’s Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE), many of the exhibitors in the Cooling and Heating pavilions were keen to display their latest energy efficient HVAC technologies. Natural refrigerant products were featured on many stands. Although outside the domestic refrigeration market the market for hydrocarbons can be said to be in the earlier stages of development, companies were keen to showcase their hydrocarbon know-how, in preparation for an expected increase in demand for R290 and R600a products.

Hydrocarbon products on display at MCE

  • Dorin: With a long history in the development of semi-hermetic compressors, the Italian manufacturer displayed their HEX range suitable for R290 and R1270. The compressors are deigned according to strict safety standards and have received ATEX approval. The Hex range consists of 7 different model series covering displacements from 2.89 m3/h up to 221.75 m3/h at frequency rate of 50Hz.
  • Danfoss: Danish company Danfoss displayed their SLV compressors for display cabinet cooling. A compact, easy-to install unit, the SLV R290 variable speed compressor features a built-in data logging function, which monitors performance and an intelligent 220 V 50/60 Hz controller. Benefits of the compressor include low energy consumption, 2000 - 4000 rpm speed range, and an integrated / electronic thermostat.
  • Frascold: The Italian compressor manufacturer displayed their semi-hermetic compressors for hydrocarbons R1270 and R290, identified by the initial AHX. Technically modified to meet the required safety standards, these compressors comply with Directive ATEX 94/9/CE and have the following features: equipotential connection of all electrical components, electrical connection box, PTC sensor for discharge temperature control and an electronic oil differential pressure switch.
  • GEA Bock: As part of their semi-hermetic compressor range GEA Bock exhibited their HC compressors for hydrocarbons. Model HG12P was on display suitable for R600a, R290 and R1270, for a variety of applications such as supermarket refrigeration. The HC-design have the following compressors have heat protection thermostat as standard, oil sump heater as standard, special oil charge, and motor protection MP10 supplied separately for an external installation (e.g. in the switch cabinet).
  • Blupura: The only natural refrigerant exhibitor in Pavilion 2, Italian company Blupura showcased several of their water cooler models, including the R290 floor standing Fontemagna and counter top Fontemagna Compact. The hydrocarbon water coolers have touch screens and can produce up to 150l per hour of cold, still and sparkling water.
  • Karyer: The Turkish manufacturer and exporter of heat exchangers, evaporators and condensers displayed their small tube heat exchangers for hydrocarbon and CO2 applications.
  • embraco: The Brazilian compressor manufacturer specialised in manufacturing R290 and R600a products, had their compact EMT R600a and VMT compressors on display. The VEM is a high efficiency Variable Capacity compressor ideal for domestic refrigerators and freezers, whilst the EMT has been developed for refrigerators, freezers and bottle coolers.
  • GREE: The GREE exhibition booth had a space dedicated to the Chinese company’s VDE certified R290 air conditioner, and to showcasing their 2011 donation of 110 of the R290 AC units to the Convention Centre of Male in the Maldives and in the Maldives Ministry of Environment, in partnership with UNEP and GIZ.
  • Hitachi: Japanese company Hitachi presented their R290 ZP series horizontal scroll compressor for commercial refrigeration featuring low noise and low vibration and high efficiency at low temperatures. The compressor is part of a series of compact, light-weight have been exclusively designed for transport air conditioning, such as metro and LRT projects, home and cryogenic applications.  


By Alexandra Maratou

Mar 30, 2012, 00:00

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