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By Sabine Lobnig, Nov 06, 2009, 14:45 2 minute reading

One of the most vocal advocates of natural refrigerants in Australasia is now partnering up with to provide active support for a wider use of hydrocarbons in both developed and developing countries.

In early 2009, and following the collapse of the Green Cooling Council, the Green Cooling Association was formed to promote the interests of the natural refrigerants industry in Australia. With a special focus on improving energy efficiency as part of delivering climate friendly HVAC&R solutions, the Green Cooling Association brings together around 60 individuals with an interest in hydrocarbons, ammonia, and carbon dioxide used as refrigerants. Although based in Australia, members from other countries in the Asia Pacific area are joining in increasing numbers in order to participate in a regional network of natural refrigerants experts.

The organisation is focused on addressing political and information barriers, as well as on promoting technical solutions. Helping companies in the transition to natural refrigerants in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, the Green Cooling Association covers domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioining, as well as mobile air conditioning and heat pumps using hydrocarbons.

Also, being one of the most outspoken and active advocates of natural refrigerants solutions at international climate negotiations, the Green Cooling Association is now attending the Montreal Protocol 21st Meeting of the Partiesin Port Ghalib, Egypt to draw politicians’ attention to the strong environmental benefits of hydrocarbons and other natural refrigerants.

Natural Refrigerants Industry ready

“Fluorocarbon proponents in Australia are working very hard to narrow the debate on a refrigerant choice to arguments about measures to improve containment of fluorocarbons. This, however, is not enough. The natural refrigerants industry stands ready to deliver the range of solutions we need to keep cool without cooking the planet. With on-going innovations the industry offers technologically mature, commercially feasible and climate friendly solutions”, says Brent Hoare, Executive Director.

Next week hydrocarbons21 will bring you the Green Cooling Association’s perspectives on the representation of the natural refrigerants industry’s interest at the Montreal Protocol Meeting in Port Ghalib, Egypt, with the publication of an exclusive interview with Brent Hoare.

Over the coming weeks and months, Green Cooling Association will share more information about ongoing projects in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and other countries with readers of


By Sabine Lobnig

Nov 06, 2009, 14:45

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