UPDATED: High grade pure HC plant underway in Thailand

By Sabine Lobnig, May 10, 2011, 10:37 3 minute reading

A production plant that will supply hydrocarbons for use as refrigerants, aerosol propellants and foam blowing agents is currently underway in Thailand. Having already received support from several governmental agencies, the project is now open to investors who seek active share in a project that will enable the establishment of hydrocarbon technology in Asia. UPDATE: The proposed hydrocarbon processing plant has received approval from Thailand’s

Responding to the rising need of using refrigerants that have no impact on the Ozone layer and at the same time minimal contribution to global warming, a project for the development of a high grade pure hydrocarbon production plant is underway in Thailand.

The project

Under the project, CEERD Co., Ltd. and EEEC Co., Ltd. will set up a hydrocarbon plant that will be operated by Asian Green Fluids Co., Ltd. Initially the plant will be able to deliver 6.000 metric tons per year (~18 metric tons per day) by processing liquefied petroleum gas.

”We are in a transitional period where dramatic choices have to be made for the sake of the planet’s future. Hydrocarbons, we believe, are one of these choices as it is our duty to respect and maintain what has been given to us by nature”, says Paul Lefèvre, EEEC Project Manager.

Concretely, the plant, expected to be located at the eastern seaboard of Thailand, will manufacture and supply Asian countries with the following environmentally friendly high-grade pure hydrocarbon products (99.5% in volume) used as refrigerants, aerosol propellants or foam blowing agents:
  •     Propane
  •     N-Butane
  •     Iso-Butane
  •     Pentane
Project Status

Government Agencies, suppliers and potential off takers have provided support to the project. For example, the project has received substantial support notably from Thailand’s Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Industry and also Thailand’s national oil company (PTT).

After lengthy planning, the Asian Green Fluids Company (AGF Co., Ltd), has finally received approval from Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI) (www.boi.go.th) for the construction of the plant. Through the provision of support services, endorsement from the BOI will help to reduce the risks associated with the investment.

According to Dr Lefever, Director of the Centre for Energy Environment Resources development in Thailand, “The interest being shown by investors will ensure the project is constructed within the expected timeframe, with work expected to commence on the site in the upcoming months. With total estimated investment of nearly $35m US dollars, or over 1bn Baht, this is a significant project for the industry that recognises the need to move beyond current reliance on ozone depleting and powerful global warming fluorocarbon refrigerant gases.”

 The full-feasibility study and engineering design for the project have been finalized and the Management Team is working on securing the estimated investment needed of $22,000,000.

About the project partners

CEERD Co., Ltd. (Centre for Energy Environment Research and Development) with over 25 years of experience in the Energy and Environment field has been in charge of carrying out the economic, engineering and technical design of the project. (www.ceerd.co.th)

EEEC Co., Ltd. (Energy Economy Environment Consultants) is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) committed to sustainable development through consultancy, training and services. EEEC is in charge of promoting and securing the investment required. (www.eeec.co.th)

Both companies are associated to develop this project, as well as other environmentally sustainable projects, such as the production of Activated Carbon from coconut/oil palm shells.


By Sabine Lobnig

May 10, 2011, 10:37

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