Austrian multinational refrigeration system manufacturer AHT is seeing growing interest in propane-based (R290) systems this year from local food retail companies in China.

“We do see a rising trend of R290 systems in the Chinese market,” Jonas Chen, general manager, AHT Cooling Systems (Changshu) Co., Ltd., told

“Besides the nationwide food retail giants, the local/provincial supermarket chains are showing an increasing interest in our hydrocarbon systems and many of them have become AHT’s regular customers,” Chen said.

“So far this year, the amount of R290 units we have delivered in China has almost doubled compared to the whole year of 2017 – more than 40% of which goes to the local/provincial food retailers,” he added.

AHT will be ramping up its marketing efforts for hydrocarbon light-commercial systems in China going forward, according to Chen.

“For the coming year, we plan to strengthen our market visibility and to grow our China business with our entire product portfolio of ‘green’ units,” he said.

Asked what AHT would be exhibiting at the upcoming ChinaShop 2018 exhibition – taking place on 1-3 November in Kunming, China – Chen said that, “achieving new customer groups in the region is on top of our agenda”.

“Therefore, we will present a wide range of innovative, hydrocarbon-based freezing and chilling systems.”

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