Austrian OEM AHT Cooling Systems, part of the Daikin Group, appointed Bruno Bettoni its new Chief Sales Officer as of January 2022.

AHT manufactures propane (R290)-based cabinets for commercial refrigeration. Its portfolio also includes variable speed compressors for the plug-in sector.

“It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to take over the agendas of the CSO,” Bettoni said. “Together with my team, I want to continue expanding AHT’s global market leadership in the coming years. Furthermore, we want our customers to always be equipped with the latest innovations and the best quality.”

“With Bruno Bettoni, we are able to recruit a long-term employee to fill the vacant position at the CSO,” said AHT CEO Martin Krutz. “I am particularly pleased that we were able to fill the position internally. I wish Bruno Bettoni all the best for his new responsibilities and look forward to continuing such good and constructive cooperation.”

Italian-Brazilian Bruno Bettoni has been with AHT since 2014, beginning his career in supply chain management. Bettoni then took over as managing director for South America in 2016. Most recently he has been working with product management and marketing at AHT’s headquarters in Rottenmann, Austria.

AHT sells its products around the world, with one customer being Brazilian retailer JBS, which has converted 36 of its Swift stores to R290 refrigeration. The Swift test store also installed a new air-conditioning system from AHT parent company Daikin, saving in total 56% of its previous energy consumption.

In addition to compressors and hydrocarbon plug-in cabinets, AHT has also launched its own controller, the Active Monitoring System, which tracks, foresees and addresses maintenance issues in its propane-based units. The AMS has been able to cut costs for retailers via the “prevention of service deployments or in the effectiveness of service deployments.”

Late last year, AHT also introduced a new innovation, the Kalea Freeze, a series of flexible R290 plug-in freezers equipped with “in-box” technology, whereby the refrigeration unit is located in a removable box at the bottom of each cabinet for easy maintenance without any downtime.

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