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GTS Polarpure R290 natural refrigerant Cylinder

Polarpure R290

Polarpure R290 is a natural refrigerant with a sustainable CO2 footprint, manufactured by GTS through its distillation plant using R290 heat pumps and powered by a 1MW solar plant. Polarpure R290 is most widely used in heat pumps, air conditioning systems, dryers, commercial freezers and refrigerators, ice cube machines, bottle coolers, vending machines and cascade refrigeration systems. It is the best ecological alternative to environmentally harmful R134a.

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Coca-Cola to allow hydrocarbons in smaller cooler equipment

After establishing that carbon dioxide would be its standard refrigerant for new beverage coolers, vending machines and fountain equipment, the Coca-Cola Company “will open the door” to hydrocarbon refrigerants for smaller cooler equipment, said Antoine Azar, the company’s global programme director.

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