• World's first oil-free refrigeration compressor
  • For home appliances


Launched the 19th of March 2014, Embraco Wisemotion is the world's first oil-free refrigeration compressor for home appliances. Wisemotion combines the concept of variable displacement with oil-free solution. This combination results in a tremendous potential for this technology, from superior energy efficiency levels to innovative ways to assemble the compressor and design the appliance.

Technical specifications:

  • For R600a (Isobutane) for EU market
  • Oil-free
  • Variable displacement technology
  • Designed using smart electronics
  • 106mm in height
  • Top-efficiency compressor


  • Uses the refrigerant itself for lubrication allowing the compressor to work in many positions
  • Small size can free up to 20 liters of cabinet space
  • Lower energy bills – up to 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to most commercialised high efficiency compressors on the world market
  • Delivers less temperature variation due to its wide range of capacities; possibility to keep running non-stop
  • Maintains a constant frequency while working, thus improving sound quality and making it much quieter
  • Improved food preservation
  • No need for lubricating oils
  • Manufactured with approximately 50% less raw material than conventional compressors
  • Compact, light and easy to install, making transportation and storage easier
  • Versatile and enables new innovation in refrigerator design
  • 10 years of development and more than 80 patents


  • Domestic refrigerators



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