Hoshizaki's stainless steel IM-240ANE-HC ice maker

  • Hoshizaki's first ice maker using hydrocarbons
  • Produces 235kg per 24 hours
  • Uses 50% of legal hydrocarbons charge

Hoshizaki’s stainless steel IM-240ANE-HC ice maker is full of qualities that add to the efficiency of an ice maker that is both powerful and environmentally conscious. As the company’s first ice cube machine using hydrocarbons, it shows Hoshizaki’s clear intent to follow a sustainable strategy for their products.

The IM-240ANE-HC is a hydrocarbon modular cube ice maker that has the capacity to produce up to 235kg every 24 hours while using just 50% of the legal charge of hydrocarbons. The IM-240ANE-HC works in ambient temperatures between of 1°C and 40°C showing the high-energy efficiency that hydrocarbons can achieve, even in high-ambient temperatures.

“Believing that hydrocarbons will play a major part within the future of refrigeration technology, Hoshizaki has committed to take a leading role in the design and manufacture of environmentally positive ice makers and refrigerators.”

Precise engineering allows for extra energy efficiency

Hoshizaki’s ice maker boasts several features that offer contamination protection such as a closed water circuit that reduces the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process. An electronic computer monitors the ice making process to ensure it performs at its optimum under differing circumstances without having to make physical adjustments to the machine.

In 2014 the IM-240ANE hydrocarbon ice maker won the Catering Insight 'Catering Equipment of the Year 2014' in the category 'Beverage Equipment and Ice Machines'.

Ease of maintenance improved with additional features

On top of its precise engineering, the computer-controlled ice maker is designed to maintain consistent product quality thanks to the:

  • Automatic shutdown in case of leaking gas thanks to the installed leak detector
  • Foam injected polyurethane for insulation, which helps preserve quality
  • Easily cleanable air filter that allows for simple routine cleaning
  • Ice maker can be attached to all storage bins 

These features also extend the life span of the ice machine by minimising the general wear and tear from regular use. All of these contributing factors grouped together allow for a purity of ice that ensures satisfaction, across all of the markets that Hoshizaki serves.

Available models:
  • IM-240ANE-HC (Air cooled)
  • IM-240ANE-HC-23 (Air cooled)

About Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial ice equipment, employing over 10,000 people world-wide.

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