• Uses R290 (propane)
  • Wide operating range, silent, excellent COP
  • ATEX certified

Basic specifications 

  • Uses R290 (propane)
  • Displacement of 2.89 m3/h @ 50Hz – 244.78 m3/h @ 50Hz
  • Motor: 0.5hp – 90hp
  • Capability for frequency drive
  • Standard electrical box IP65 and special oil sight glass, upon request
  • Enhanced lubrication system with mineral oil, with high viscosity (68) for HC
  • Special heads for ranges HEX1, HEX2, HEX32, HEX35 and HEX41
  • Special oil differential pressure sensor (standard for HEX5, HEX6 and HEX7)
  • Special accessories, category 3G, protection rating Ex nA, apply to crankcase heater (standard for entire range), coils for capacity regulation and unloaded start


  • ATEX certified
  • Higher system efficiency and COP when compared to standard technology
  • High familiarity with the refrigerant gas
  • Wide operating range
  • Smooth and silent operation, very low noise level
  • Low global warming potential (GWP = 3-5) refrigerant 


  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Industrial refrigeration

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