Hermetic filter dries, ATEX-certified

By Castel, published Jun 22, 2018

  • Hermetic filter dries
  • ATEX certification for use in EX Zone 2


The hermetic filters dries were designed by Castel and comply with ESR of Directive 2014/34/EU – ATEX. Thus, they may be used in EX Zone 2. The filters are available in different sizes. 

Basic specifications

  • Usable with the hydrocarbon refrigeration fluids R290, R600 and R600a
  • Maximum pressure 45 bars
  • Filter body made from steel with copper plated solder connections 
  • Cartridges are made from moulding a dehydrating filler made completely from 3 Å molecular sieves
  • Can be used with hydrocarbon refrigerants classified as flammable fluids in safety group A3 according to standard EN 378-1:2016 
  • Operation instructions delivered with the filter


  • Copper pipe can be soldered inside the connections
  • High moisture adsorption capacity 
  • Reasonable Deacidifying characteristics 


Refrigeration systems with the hydrocarbons R290, R600, R600a


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