AS and SB Hydrocarbon Condensing Units

  • For wall and ceiling-mounting
  • Cooling capacities from 600 to 5800W
  • Semi-hermetic compressors
  • Suitable for fresh and frozen foods


The units are Uniblock versions designed for wall or ceiling mounting, with water or air condensing systems. The units are suitable for fresh and frozen food storage. The proposed models use compressors that are specifically designed for propane and propylene hydrocarbon refrigerants and guarantee a high cooling capacity with a low power consumption, thus providing an high COP.

Technical Specifications

SB/AS Models with R290, propane:

  • Voltage 230/1/50 to 400/3N/50
  • Power 830W to 3449W
  • Charge gas 150gr. to 430gr.
  • Volume 42.5m3 to 53.75m3

SB/AS Models with R1270, Propylene:

  • Voltage 400/3N/50
  • Power 2788W to 3692W
  • Charge gas 240gr. to 360gr.
  • Volume 30m3 to 45m3


  • Ceiling-mounted units are also available with double independent cooling circuits in order to minimize the refrigerant charge
  • High cooling capacity with a low power consumption
  • High COP
  • Low environmental impact


  • Industrial refrigeration


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