ABOUT HB Products A/S

We have the switches and control products you need for industrial refrigeration!

The program contains both simple switches as well as sensors/transmitters with a built-in control function. Here is an overview of the products included in the program, and the tasks that we can resolve with them:
  • Oil switches (HBSO1) for detection of oil in oil separators, oil containers, as well as compressors
  • Oil switches/controllers (HBOC) for automatic control in compressors and oil separators
  • Refrigerant switches (HBSR) for spot measurements, and analogue sensors/transmitters (HBLT-A1) in pump separators, economizers, etc.
  • CO2 switches (HBSC2) for spot measurements, and analogue sensors/transmitters for measurement (HBLT-CO2) in receivers, high-pressure ball-float controllers, etc.
  • Refrigerant control (HBLT-C1/HBLT-A1 +HBLC) in coolers, economizers, air purgers, pump separators, etc.
  • Capacity control in refrigeration compressors with linear sensors (short & long stroke transmitters manufactured under license for big compressor manufacturers, such as GEA, Howden, Frichs, and Johnson Control)

You can find more information on the various products under the "products" tab here above. Or visit our homepage www.hbproducts.dk.



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