Bundgaard becomes Bronze Partner on hydrocarbons21.com

The manufacturer has been making propane chillers and heat pumps for over 15 years.

Bundgaard, a Danish manufacturer of propane chillers and heat pumps for over 15 years, has become a Bronze Partner on hydrocarbons21.com.

The company primarily focuses on propane and believes this will be a key refrigerant for chillers and heat pumps. “Propane will be one of the main refrigerants from 5-500 kW, which will be a cheap alternative to CO2 and ammonia,” Bundgaard’s Jonas S. Nielsen told hydrocarbons21.com

Nielsen believes the company’s propane heat pump will be an important solution for large installations like district heating or industries, with demand for cooling and heating at the same time. “In heat pumps of 1 MW, where CO2 is not an alternative and ammonia is too expensive, there will be a big market opportunity,” he said.

He believes propane will be a successful refrigerant for water-loop systems in “small convenience stores and supermarkets where the refrigerant system has to supply the condenser side on the integral cabinets in the shop, the air conditioning in the shops, the cold water for the ventilation system, and at the same time produce hot water for taps or the heating system”. 

Bundgaard strives to make its chillers and heat pumps reliable, low-cost and accessible. “The production and installation cost for this type of setup is very low compared to CO2, the system is easy and cheap to maintain, and there is no need for certified personal for installation,” Nielsen said. 

In heat pumps of 1 MW, where CO2 is not an alternative and ammonia is too expensive, there will be a big market opportunity."
– Jonas S. Nielsen, Bundgaard

Bundgaard has installed a series of air-cooled chillers in combination with an advanced controller and a large tank for accumulation of the cold water in Copenhagen airport, for aeroplane simulators.  

“We are currently working on a 90oC degree heat pump, which should be ready during the summer. This is an interesting product, especially for the Danish market where the district heating systems require temperatures in that range,” he said. 

Scandinavia has been a key market for Bundgaard. “Denmark and Norway have definitely been the biggest buyers of heat pumps for small district heating,” he said.

He cites Norway’s water temperature requirements of 50oC as a key reason for this. “In that case the COP for our propane heat pumps is very high and competitive with other heat pump or even heating solutions,” he said.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

May 03, 2017, 11:00

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