Interview with GTS – supplier of natural refrigerants

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Mar 20, 2015, 10:29 2 minute reading

At last year’s Chillventa trade show in Nuremburg, was on-hand to catch up with Frederic Godin, Business and Development Director at GTS S.p.A., Italian supplier of natural refrigerants. We used the opportunity to ask a few questions about the gases produced by GTS and where they can be applied.

GTS is a well-known provider of natural refrigerants for the HVAC&R sector, which exhibited at Chillventa to an audience of over 30,000. GTS produces the POLARPURE line of gasses, made up of the following:

  • R600a (isobutane) for domestic refrigerator and freezer applications
  • R290 (propane) for commercial refrigerators, freezers, supermarket and convenience store systems, as well as air conditioning
  • R600 (pure n-butane) ideal for blending
  • R1270 (propylene polymer grade 99.5%+) for special applications

In-between informing visitors about their products, GTS took some time out to provide an interview for about their gases and their plans for the future.

hydrocarbons21: Can customers request customised blends?

Frederic Godin: Having been in the hydrocarbons market for such a long time, we of course produce R600a, R600 and R290. We also distribute propylene polymer grade and the way in which the company is equipped allows us to be able to make different types of blends or mixtures. Customers may request a mix of propane and propene and we are able to produce this without any issues.

hydrocarbons21: In what markets are you active?

FG: GTS is active all around the world, but our main market remains Europe. Thanks to the quality of our product and the broad scope it covers, we are also very successful in the export market. We are now exporting our natural refrigerants gases to the Middle East, India and South East Asia, and others to come.

Hydrocarbons21: What are the benefits of working with GTS?

FG: Quite simple, we are built on the quality of our product, so working with GTS you are guaranteed a minimum purity of 99.5%, whether it is R600a, R290 or R1270. Second, every factory has its own laboratory which is ISO 9001 Certified, so standard analysis can be performed as well as more complex one. Third, we still have output capacity, in that sense, we are equipped to grow and to follow customer development.

About GTS S.p.A.

GTS is an Italian company headquartered in Genova, which has been active in the production of hydrocarbons for more than 50 years. GTS operates three factories in Europe, two in Italy and one in Romania, and is active in different applications of refrigeration: supplying for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Other sectors in which GTS operates are: aerosols, construction and food.


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Mar 20, 2015, 10:29

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