Hydrocarbon refrigerant solutions shine at Chillventa 2014 – Part 1

By Pilar Aleu, Oct 21, 2014, 17:57 4 minute reading

Chillventa 2014, the leading international trade fair for the HVAC&R industry, which took place from 14-16 October in Nuremberg, Germany, brought together more than 30,000 visitors and 984 exhibitors representing over 110 countries. hydrocarbons21.com journalists attended the event to find out about the latest hydrocarbon products and innovations, and in part one of the reporting look at the R600a and R290 product offering from GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE partners.

Chillventa, the international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps took place from 14-16 October in Nuremberg, Germany. The biennial event represents a golden opportunity for companies to showcase their natural refrigerant products for a variety of applications, and the 2014 edition saw more hydrocarbon solutions presented than ever before. Find out which companies showcased hydrocarbon products, and check out the photo gallery at the bottom of this article to see the technologies on display.

hydrocarbons21.com GOLD partners

Danfoss: The company spotlighted its new line of XV compressors using R600a refrigerant for light commercial refrigeration combining compact design with high COP. The main benefits of Danfoss XV compressors are:

  • Additional storage volume for refrigerators
  • Less weight, easier handling, lower transport costs
  • Lower running costs
  • Adaptable capacity for various applications

The Danfoss HC product portfolio also includes electronic controllers, sensors and transmitters, heat exchangers, thermostatic expansion valves and mechanical pressure and temperature regulating valves.

Dorin: On display at the company’s Chillventa stand was the R290 HEX compressor series for industrial and commercial applications, which offers an exceptionally wide operating range, high efficiency and low noise. The HEC5000CC semi hermetic compressor has a displacement from 4,42 m3/h to 224.78 m3/h.

Embraco: The world market leader in hermetic compressors for refrigeration presented its EMX3118Y compressor for bottle coolers available for R600a and R290 at 50Hz for small and medium-size commercial applications. The EMX3118Y features innovative, miniaturised appliance designs thanks to the component’s small dimensions with a height of only 171mm. Other R290 products exhibited at Chillventa included commercial condensing units such as the UEMT, UNEK/ UNEU and UNT series. For light commercial applications, Embraco compressor portfolio includes products such as the VNEK207U and VNEK213U models.

Parker: The global leader in motion and control technologies Parker displayed its hydrocarbon filter-driers at its Chillventa booth. Designed to protect against moisture, acids and solid particles the filter driers extend the life and reliability of the refrigeration system.

Tecumseh: Celebrating 80 years, Tecumseh presented its new AE2 range of compressors and condensing units, ideally suited for hydrocarbon refrigerant R290. The product line, comprised of 49 models, offers maximum power in a smaller housing as well as the highest performance levels on the market with refrigerating capacities from 140 to 340W in LBP and 300 to 1050 W in HBP. The company also launched its AJ2 platform, also designed for hydrocarbon refrigerants. While the AJ2 compressor range is already available, the AJ2 condensing unit range will be on the market in 2015.

hydrocarbons21.com silver partners

Emerson Climate Technologies: The company showcased its full line-up of propane (R290) Copeland Scroll compressors designed for chillers and heat pump applications. This line-up meets Emerson’s stringent reliability standards and is classified ATEX Group II.

Frascold: Frascold presented its single stage semi-hermetic reciprocating AXH compressor series comprised of 76 models and suitable for hydrocarbon refrigerants such as R290, R1270 and R600a.

Huayi Compressor: At Chillventa Huayi launched the new NUT55CA model for refrigerant R290. Part of the company’s U range the compressor is manufactured using the most advanced technologies, and has been designed to minimise energy consumption while at the same time offering a high cooling capacity. The product is also extremely silent thanks to its new more compact and rounded shell.

Secop: Compressor manufacturer Secop also presented its extensive product portfolio for hydrocarbon refrigerants, including the DLE and NLE and SLV line compressors for R290, and the DELTA and X Series compressors for R600a. The new DLE and NLE compressors are tailored for commercial refrigeration application such as bottle coolers, commercial freezers, food retail, ice-cream cabinets, and more. These low GWP (global warming potential) products represent suitable alternatives for high GWP technologies using refrigerants R404A and R134a.

hydrocarbons21.com bronze partners

Galileo TP: The Italian refrigeration expert launched the KION C machine, the latest charging technology for domestic and commercial refrigerator and freezer production lines using hydrocarbons, with a charge speed up to 40 g/s. In addition, they showcased the probHE, the newest automatic testing and leak detection system for use in any assembly line of cooling units (refrigerators, show cases, AC, etc.) for pressure sealing and leakage testing with nitrogen, helium and blends. Employing the Multi Sniffer technology developed by Galileo TP, the system can guarantee a 100% detection rate.

GTS: Engaged in the production and distribution of specialty and pure gases, the company showed its hydrocarbon refrigerant product line called POLARPURE, which includes R600a for domestic refrigerator and freezer applications; R290 for commercial refrigerators, freezers, supermarket and convenience stores and AC; R600, ideal for blending; and R1270 for special applications.

Settala Gas: The PURIFRIGOR hydrocarbon refrigerants produced by Settala Gas are ideally suited for domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration as well as AC (air conditioning) applications. With purity levels from 99.5% to 99.9999%, the company offers R600a, R290 and R1270, as well as S-Gas 12 (a blend of R600a and R290) and S-Gas 22. Disposable after market cans, a wide range of cylinders, drums and valves, as well as iso-tanks and tank-trucks for bulk deliveries are available according to customer needs.

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By Pilar Aleu

Oct 21, 2014, 17:57

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