Video interview exclusives with Secop at China Refrigeration 2014

By Sofia Tasiou, Jun 12, 2014, 10:52 2 minute reading journalists, on the scene at China Refrigeration 2014 in Beijing, report on latest innovative developments and market prospects for Secop’s compressors in four exclusive video interviews.

Helmut Greiner on the Delta compressor

Helmut Greiner, Application Engineer at Secop Austria presents the Delta, Secop’s most efficient compressor in the field of household refrigeration. Featuring a COP rising up to 1.84. Greiner argues that Delta’s efficiency goes hand-in-hand with its small dimensions and low weight – the compressor has a height of 138 mm and weighs 3.9kg, bringing resource and cost advantages.

Lars Overgaard on Secop’s compressor innovative technologies

Lars Overgaard, Sales Director for Secop compressors presents the award-winning SC-MNX compressor, together with the NLE-CN, DLE-CN compressors, the latter designed for the needs of the HORECA sector and especially for bottle coolers. Overgaard welcomes China’s active involvement in promoting energy efficiency.

Anders Høgh-Skov talks about award winner Platform XV compressor

Anders Høgh-Skov, Vice President Business Area Household, Secop shows two versions of the award-winning and highly flexible XV compressor, one with a detached electronic unit and the other with an attached electronic unit, which are already available on the European market. In addition to Slovakia, the compressors are also produced in China as of 2014. The new attached electronic unit for the XV is even more compact than the detached version, and can also be run from a normal thermostat.

Mogens Søholm on Secop’s energy efficiency strategy to set market standards

Mogens Søholm, President & CEO of Secop, draws attention to the company’s mission to promote innovation in refrigeration compressors to reduce energy consumption and drive down material consumption in their products. Since 1993, when the company was still Danfoss compressors, natural refrigerants have been a priority in technologies designed for the household sector. Søholm talks about the strong market trend for hydrocarbons in light commercial appliances in Europe, and foresees legislative developments in the US and in China to further support the use of R290.

About Secop:

Secop GmbH is a leading compressor manufacturer committed to develop and support technologies and products that promote energy efficiency. The company, active in the sectors of household, light commercial and mobile systems refrigeration, has developed a range of compressors which operate with the use of hydrocarbons, R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). Secop, formerly known as Danfoss Household Compressors, belongs to the German AURELIUS Group of companies since 2010.



By Sofia Tasiou

Jun 12, 2014, 10:52

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