Exclusive Interview with Secop’s Hans Erik Fogh, product specialist, SLV Compressor series

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Aug 30, 2013, 14:35 3 minute reading

Up to 40% energy savings and integrated HACCP functionality are some of the main benefits of Secop’s SLV variable-speed compressor for R290. Designed to meet the needs of European supermarket freezer manufacturers and other light-commercial applications, an exclusive interview with product specialist, Hans Erik Fogh, reveals technical features, customer feedback and future considerations for hydrocarbons in light-commercial.

Hydrocarbons21.com: What are the main advantages of the SLV compressors and how do they differ from other products on the market?

Hans Erik Fogh: The new SLV-GP is the only compressor control on the market with a built-in application module. You have everything included to control the entire appliance, such as:

  • Capacity control of the compressor
  • Defrost with control of both the evaporator and drain heater
  • Evaporator and condenser fan control
  • Light control
  • Alarm output
  • Several sensor inputs for air, evaporator and condenser temperature
  • External interface to supermarket data loggers

The capacity control contains advanced algorithms which optimise the compressor capacity to fit the actual need, thereby saving up to 40% energy compared to a traditional compressor solution. The energy saving is a result of the compressor operating at a lower condenser temperature and higher evaporator temperatures - bringing it to a more efficient operating condition. Also, the use of highly efficient motor technologies provide significant energy savings compared to traditional compressors.

The high integration level makes it easier for end-users to optimise their appliances as everything they need is included. No need to worry about mismatched different controls; it is just plug & play. On a manufacturing level, they are dealing with fewer components making both tests and assembly easier.

Hydrocarbons21.com: Can you tell us about a case in which this technology was applied and what the customer feedback was?

Hans Erik Fogh: Secop already has several customers using the SLV compressor line in supermarket plug & play freezers and coolers. They all report significant energy savings. The highly efficient appliances have become increasingly popular in supermarkets because they, in contrast to remote-controlled systems, have the desired mobility and flexibility which is more and more in demanded by supermarkets. The high energy consumption which before was the main reason for the remote operation, is no longer an issue.

Hydrocarbons21.com: Which companies do you collaborate with in the light-commercial refrigeration sector?

Hans Erik Fogh: We have several partners in the industry who look for new product developments. As leading customers in their segments, they want to be a step ahead of the competition and are open for researching complex technical problems. We have development partners on the customer side as well as on the supplier side.

Hydrocarbons21.com: Given the recent announcement by Tecumseh and Hussmann regarding the opening of the first R290 supermarket in the U.S., what plans does Secop have with regards to the North American market?

Hans Erik Fogh: Secop has just opened its own sales branch in the U.S.A. with an office in Atlanta which will enable us to get closer to our customers and the North American market. We are following the development of hydrocarbon refrigerants in the States very closely, as we have a strong product portfolio for those refrigerants in 230 Volts and 115 Volts. We are now extending our base programs with both electronic versions as well as application dedicated compressors to ensure the best cost and efficiency fit.

Hydrocarbons21.com: Do you believe that hydrocarbons will achieve 100% market penetration in the light-commercial refrigeration sector?

Hans Erik Fogh: Some of the markets and regions are developing slower and some faster by phasing in hydrocarbons and phasing out non-hydrocarbon refrigerants. But over time it will get closer to an absolute market penetration of 100%, as these are the most efficient refrigerants and with the least environmental impact.

Thank you!

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About Secop

Secop is an expert in advanced compressor technologies for various refrigerants including R600a and R290 for domestic, light-commercial and mobile systems. Secop has developed a series of sustainable compressors using propane for the North and Central American markets, most suitable for bottle coolers and ice cream cabinets.

In 2010 the German holding company AURELIUS AG acquired Danfoss Household Compressors from the Danfoss Group, Denmark. In connection with the new ownership, Danfoss Household Compressors GmbH changed their name to Secop GmbH.


By Silvia Scaldaferri

Aug 30, 2013, 14:35

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