Natural Refrigerants industry survey hits 800 replies

By Sabine Lobnig, Jun 28, 2011, 09:41 2 minute reading

A global industry survey about the market for natural refrigerants has been responded by more than 800 participants. The survey constitutes the basis for the “Guide to Natural Refrigerants” set to be presented at the international workshop ATMOsphere Europe 2011 and for drawing an action plan to overcome existing challenges for hydrocarbons. presents first results and invites its readers to express their opini

Launched in March 2011, the global industry survey by marketing & communications specialist shecco aims to quantify market views on hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and ammonia used as refrigerants. Specifically, the “pulse” collects data about the HVAC&R industry’s market forecasts, trends, as well as barriers & solutions to the uptake of natural working fluids. It similarly enquires on policy and technology trends influencing market forecasts in the years to come.

"Getting as much input about the expected market size, the best applications and the routes to market for hydrocarbon refrigerants will help us draft the “guide” as a brief reference document for both industry and policy. Based on what respondents tell us about the barriers for HC refrigerants we will come up with a 10-point Action Plan to be discussed at ATMOsphere Europe 2011,” says Nina Burhenne, Head of Market Research, shecco.

“We also want to hear from stakeholders not involved in natural refrigerants business. This will help make the results again more solid,” she adds.

Take the survey now by clicking here.

First Results

So far, the online survey has attracted 800 responses from small (51%), large (30%) and medium-sized (19%) corporations. All types of organisations are represented, with manufacturers (47%) being the most represented group, followed by contractors (35%), suppliers (24%), and training providers / research (18%; or multiple roles). They represent all fields of activity, led by commercial refrigeration (66%), industrial refrigeration (64%), stationary air-conditioning (48%) and industrial & commercial heating (35%; or multiple sectors).

Regarding geographic spread, responses mostly come from Europe (54%), North America (18%) and Asia (15%).

Adoption Rate: Initial results show these three world regions are also among those expected to have the highest conversion rate to natural refrigerants. In fact, 74% of ”pulse” participants charaterise the European market as exhibiting “high potential” for natural refrigerant solutions installations. North America and Oceania / Australia were considered as exhibiting a slightly lower, but still high overall adoption potential. The Asian market is charaterised by a majority of respondents as of “high potential” or “moderate potential” as to adopting natural refrigerants.

The “guide to natural refrigerants” and ATMOsphere Europe 2011

Concrete results from the survey will be available as a brief “guide” analysing inputs and providing additional market intelligence and policy insights for decision makers from industry and the political sphere.

Participants of the international workshop “ATMOsphere Europe 2011” will have first access to initial findings during a presentation by shecco on 11 October.

Add your view is calling on its readers to express their views about the potential of natural working fluids. Data of all respondents will remain confidential but for those interested in receiving a free industry listing in the “guide”, as well as information regarding the existing natural refrigerant products and services, basic contact details are requested to ensure a correct listing.


By Sabine Lobnig

Jun 28, 2011, 09:41

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