Hydrocarbon Technology put at the forefront of the RAC Cooling Industry Awards

By Sabine Lobnig, Oct 01, 2010, 15:06 2 minute reading

Waitrose is one of the big winners who exhibited high quality projects and launches with hydrocarbon technology at this year’s RAC Cooling Industry Awards, an event that put energy efficient refrigeration in the spotlight of the industry.

Innovation can thrive in the midst of a tough economic climate, as a record 600 people from the refrigeration and air conditioning industry gathered on 29 September 2010 for the 7th RAC Cooling Industry Awards to celebrate the latest in environmentally advanced cooling in London, United Kingdom.

British food retailer Waitrose walked away with two rewards from the 2010 Cooling Industry Awards thanks to the use of hydrocarbon technology, including:
  • ‘Low Carbon Achievement of the Year’ Award, for its HFC-Free Stores using hydrocarbon integrals & Leak Reduction Campaign. This award is granted to everyone in the supply chain from manufactures to end users and focuses on innovation and practice that reduces carbon output in the RAC sector.
  • Retail Project of the Year’ Award for its hydrocarbon refrigeration system and innovative thinking in combining heat and cold recovery, water distribution and hydrocarbons. This award is granted to retailers, whose projects/installations have shown significant environmental advantages over traditional methods in areas such as emissions reduction, cooling performance, energy efficiency and leak containment.
The retailer’s initiative of introducing hydrocarbon based refrigeration technology in every new and major refitted Waitrose store was further highly commended under several other award categories, including the ‘Refrigeration Innovation of the Year’, ‘Environmental Collaboration of the Year’ and the ‘Large End User of the Year’.

Rathbones Bakery is another winner awarded thanks to hydrocarbons technology. More specifically, the:
  • Small End User of The Year’ Award was granted to Rathbones Bakery for the installation of a hydrocarbon cooling system. This award goes to end-users which offer an outstanding project demonstrating innovative and creative approaches to cooling.


The first Cooling Industry Awards ceremony was launched by RAC magazine and backed-up by leading industry players in 2004. Today, the awards have become the symbol for successful and environmentally friendly cooling in both the industry and wider public arena. RAC magazines objective with this Award is to help recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of those pushing the boundaries of environmentally focused refrigeration and air conditioning. 


By Sabine Lobnig

Oct 01, 2010, 15:06

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